Stitch Head

animation feature (2024)


High above the little town of Grubbers Nubbin looms Castle Grotteskew. Here, in his Laboratory, the maddest of all Mad Professors awakes monstrous Creations to (almost)-LIFE!™… then promptly forgets all about them.

The only one looking after the castle and the monsters within is Stitch Head – the Professor’s very first, long-forgotten Creation. Terrified the Townsfolk might form an Angry Mob and storm the castle, Stitch Head does everything to keep himself and his fellow-monsters quiet and hidden.

But then the Freak Show comes to town. And its owner, the cunning Fulbert Freakfinder, needs new, scarier Freaks…

Stitch Head is a an adventure full of fun, for Monsters young and old.

We created a teaser trailer for Cartoon Movie in 2019 - and now it is happening: We work on a full length animation feature!!


GRINGO films


Steve Hudson, Toby Genkel

Visual Development

Rolf Muetze

line producer (LAVAlabs)

Scherin Rajakumaran

animation producer (LAVAlabs)

Alexandra Stautmeister


character development, storyboarding, modelling, shading, cg animation, lighting, compositing

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