r&d (2022)


The aim of NOSTRESS is to develop a combination of different technologies, in particular to promote stress reduction. Mobile, multimodal VR technologies are combined with automated, harmonic sound generation in immersive 3D sound and a massage technique synchronized with the virtual world. A self-developed sensor system close to the body makes it possible to record physiologically measurable stress indicators and to adapt the training individually.
The visual content is produced by LAVAlabs and developed in close cooperation (co-design) with the other project partners. LAVAlabs combines narrative content and high-quality visual effects for VR in real time with user-specific information to achieve a special VR storytelling. LAVAlabs develops a mobile VR client for the immersive presentation of narrative stress-reducing content as well as visual and narrative design patterns, which can be adapted to the individual user in real time.


HS Düsseldorf, Universität Siegen, Medisana Space Technologies, tro, IOX